where + how god leads, we will follow....

Hey there family + friends!
We are The Hill's (Drew + Kay) and we are so excited you are allowing God to lead you and read more on our ministry! We have 3 girls and we love being a girl family! Most of our days look like spending time in God's Word, diving into support fundraising appointments, focusing on mission training, homeschooling the girls, tending to Fletcher, spending time together at lunch, staying involved with the youth ministry and discipling some of the kids God has placed in our lives, playing outside with Sadie, Ella & Fletcher, visiting our families, and our favorite is reading the kids a story from The Bible every night before bed and praying over them!
It's been such a journey since we committed to full-time ministry and getting to see lives change already before we head overseas! God has provided in SO many abundant ways & He keeps us on our toes as we live inside of His Will! We pray you join our ministry, wether financially or prayerfully, we need YOU to help us because we can't do this alone!