I’ve wanted to share as many details as I can about being pregnant with my third baby girl and all that I’ve experienced so far. I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and sitting in my favorite chair in the corner of my living room, coughing and barely able to breathe. It’s hysterical honestly.

SO. Drew & I first decided that we would wait at least a year to get pregnant after we got married, but obviously God changed our hearts big time. As Drew stepped into the role of husband, he also stepped into the role as father over my two girls Sadie & Ella…and he absolutely fell in love with this new role he was given. And I can’t tell you guys how much it makes my heart overflow with joy as I’ve watched him for almost a year be a father to these girls and raise them up in love and discipline towards God. A couple of months into our marriage went by and we both were like “why not?”! Why not have another one. We’re both parents already and there’s nothing that is explicitly saying to us we shouldn’t because x,y,z. Now, we prayed about this and asked God if this was the time and you guys have to realize that I at first did not want to get pregnant because of body insecurities, but I began to ask The Lord to help me get past that and change my heart to want to have another one in His timing. As we sought God in this, He changed my heart to really wanting to have another baby and Drew was ready, and it took a few of months to get pregnant (I was getting really anxious there for a minute) and on May 16th I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE and I immediately started crying and ran to the girls and told them, “mommy has a baby in her belly!!!!”. I was 4 weeks pregnant on May 16th.

The due date is January 19th. I for sure feel like I’ve been pregnant for a LONG time hahahah. It started out rough. Nausea & vomiting. Bloated constantly. Exhaustion. All the yucky things. I had the worst attitude and always so angry in the first few months. My sweet husband had so much grace and I prayed over and over for God to humble me. Month 4 & 5 were my “blissful” months. I was feeling energized and not so bloated. Got past the phase of showing “but not really sure if she’s just gaining weight” kind of showing. Around month 5/6 (can’t remember) I stopped working out. Started feeling super insecure and not energized at all to move my body. Remember how the only reason I didn’t want to get pregnant was because of body insecurities? Well that was my biggest worry of my pregnancy. Was how my body would change & how long it would take me to get back to where I was comfortable in my own skin. It’s all selfishness & pride and The Lord has definitely been working on me this entire 9 months about these physical changes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m READY for this baby. But I haven’t been focusing so much on what I can and cannot fix and more on making sure I’m hydrated and healthy and I know I can continue with my workouts once I’m healed and ready to do so postpartum.

Right now, in week 37, I’m resting a lot, making sure to drink all the water (even though I crave Dr. Pepper), and feeling SO MUCH PRESSURE. Baby girl is really low and so I feel her on my bladder and pubic bone and it’s very uncomfortable BUT, I’m a cm dilated, and she’s a very active baby! Which I’m thankful for! She’s happy and healthy. & I LOVE feeling her move πŸ™‚ even when it hurts haha. She’s measuring 6lbs right now. I’ve gained about 38-40 lbs total so far. She’s head down and facing the way she needs to for delivery. I have braxton hicks EVERY. DAY. And sometimes they’re really painful. She’s just getting mama ready. Not much swelling at all. Fluid levels went from 5.7 cm to 7.7 in one week. We’re keeping an eye on her fluid levels each week to make sure she doesn’t go below 5. I’m dealing with congestion in my chest and throat so that prevents me from relaxing as much as I want to but I know it’s our crazy Mississippi weather.

Our hospital bag and her diaper bag is ready and we’ve had all the baby showers (3 to be exact, we are so loved and blessed!) and we are now just patiently waiting to see when she comes. Both Sadie and Ella were early so I’m hoping this one is too…hehe. BUT, I’m really leaning in on God to cause me to be PATIENT and just enjoy the ending of this season of pregnancy. We’re fixing to enter into an entirely different season and I’m so excited and ready, but it truly is on His timing. and that can be hard for this mama to accept at times.

So..as we wait for Baby Hill to arrive, we pray we live right in the moment of now and not so much the future. I know she’ll come and we’re down to 3 weeks left with a history of early deliveries. We can’t wait to hold her and for her older sisters to meet her and all that the next season brings.

Thanking our God for all He has given us and especially for working on me to be more selfless, persevering (bc pregnancy ain’t easy), and for us to be able to have another child. πŸ™‚


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    I love this, you, and your family so much’!!

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