It’s absolutely bittersweet to be wrapped up with last wedding of 2022 and their gallery link be sent off. I am officially in maternity leave as we prepare to welcome our new baby girl. Currently 34 weeks pregnant & feeling all the more ready to nest her nursery more, prepare the hospital bag, and earnestly seek God’s goodness in every. single. detail- LABOR & all!

I can’t even really begin to fathom how God has used me in the photography business industry world. I truly had my heart SET on becoming the next 6-figure making elopement photographer, creating an educational platform for those who are always in my inbox asking questions, traveling around the world with my two little’s, and transitioning to an online educator within the next few years, BUT GOD HAD SOMETHING FOR US THAT WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. (& so much better)

in the shadows of your most precious moments. literally 😉

I won’t lie and say I’ve wondered if God could truly could change this desire and passion in me to be an independent, money-making business woman and single mom. But then I would be doubting the very essence of who God is and what His Gospel proves. He’s absolutely changed this heart of mine to not even reminisce on “what I could be doing” but has given me a heart completely devoted to His will for my life. & I have never felt more aligned with His will than now.

I currently am transitioning into full-time ministry. I have only two weddings left in my photography career and few family mini sessions here & there that I would be picking back up after maternity leave is done! I can’t get over where God has taken me and the girls and this BUSINESS. Thought it’s doors are closing soon, I still will be doing photography- my subject will just be completely different + the purpose behind the gifts God has given me will be geared toward The Gospel. AHHHH. This is a huge dream come true I’ve been praying for over a year.

But, before I close this blog out, I wanna say how much I cherish the last 4 years. God took a small business and a girl who had a deep passion to learn all she could + turned it into quite the successful entrepreneur that traveled to many places out west + met some of the most amazing people + cultivated in me a heart that wanted to do more for my Creator than I could’ve ever thought possible. I just didn’t know quite how that would look until recently!

It’s been an adventurous and beautiful ride. One I never could’ve dreamed up entirely myself. I don’t know how to say thank you to every single client of mine who has trusted me since the beginning but know how GRATEFUL I truly am. & the coolest thing is God is using some of those clients to support me and my family in our mission journey. Giving to God’s Kingdom Work and wow…it’s unreal.

Enjoy some pictures of me as a photographer doing what I loved doing. Capturing two people becoming one and working hard to meet a need.

Gosh, I love you guys. Thank you for being there for me, praying for this family, and continuing reading and asking me all the questions.

side note* (i still will answer any photography-related questions too, DO NOT BE SCARED!! it’s what I’m here for!)


KAY (:

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