Lillian & Hudson Weiand

HOLY CRAP THESE TWO YOUNG SOULS ARE FREAKING MARRIED AND IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND LOVE-FILLED DAY. I met Lillian through Audrey (her sister + my mentee)! The Corley family has a special place in my heart and getting to photographer their daughters (and Audrey is next!!!) is even more sweet.

Lillian was just a tad nervous, but mostly excited. The morning of their wedding day started off super easy, chill, and pretty relaxing.

Everyone I worked with and all the family and friends were amazing, easy to talk to, friendly, and especially the bride & groom- they were seriously just enjoying their wedding day without any stress! The wedding party was phenomenal, so dang fun, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect.

The ceremony was so sweet. Lillian + Hudson decided to honor who they were and wanted to keep a traditional look ceremony so there was no first look, but it. was. worth. the. WAIT! They did do a prayer before and got to hold hands and exchange gifts and we were all sniffling over there!!!!

The weather was perfect. I may have teared up a little watching them become one (no judgey ok!!!) i just frickin adore these two and the way Hudson looks at Lillian just gets me all mushy gushy!!!

Lillian + Hudson were so easy to capture. Their sweet love is so evident + they were down for walking all over downtown Raymond and even getting Lillian’s cute bug in for some couple portraits!

Lillian’s older brother sang for them and played guitar during the reception. It was fun, filled with happy tears, and the night ended in a sparkler exit and a getaway in the volkswagen bug!!!!

Cheering these two on FOR A LIFETIME. Honored to know them and watch their love story unfold even more! 🙂

Florists: Willow Blu
Makeup: The Real A Beauty
Dress: Bridal Path
Caterer: Three Peas in a Pod
Coordinator: Penny Bracy
Photographer: Kaylina Smith
Videographer: Ashley Applewhite

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