So, a photographer friend of mine really wanted to do something creative with a few of us other togs and decided to rent out this SUPER adorable hippie van & get some models! It was a great investment to get some portfolio work in that wasn’t your normal couple’s session, but instead something more creative, fun, and like I said SUPER adorable!

I asked this cute couple, Sadie & Austin, who I kind of known through friends and siblings, but when we picked out this hippie van, I just envisioned this couple from the start. SO I asked and they were alllll for it! They gave me all the modern hipster vibes and couldn’t have picked a better duo!

They. Are. Dang. Models. They were so comfortable in front of the camera and just knew how to make the FREAKING face, ya know what I mean?! SO. SWEET. SO. STINKIN’. PERFECT. Like my timeline was insanely blessed by their beauty and willingness to go with all of my prompts, from being so cuddly with a guitar in hand to flying out of the van window.

To see more images, head over to their gallery 🙂

Cannot thank you enough Sadie + Austin, you two were GEMS.

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