BACKSTORY: I’ve known Melessa for a few years now. We lived in the same neighborhood for a year and her MIL was a super close friend of the family! So I got to watch her littles grow up and get all the hand me downs (MY FAVORITE) and we’ve even swapped life stories over lunch and she’s been such a big supporter and encourager for me!

I have always been amazed at Melessa and Ben’s love story! It’s actually pretty freaking neat how when they were kids, Melessa went out with her dad to take a picture on the Swinging Bride and the little boy in that picture was none other than BEN. They didn’t know it until years later & didn’t even know each other at the time but when shared that story I was in chills.

Natchez, MS has always been an all time place for these two. So, Melessa really wanted pictures here while they were spending the weekend there! I was like YES. I love when my couples have their own visions for these sessions and make it unique to THEIR stories. It makes it SOOOO much more special.

We strolled around Natchez & these two love birds sang to each other, ran while holding hands, and even showed off their super rad dance moves. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening third wheeling. I am always rooting for them and cannot wait to see where God takes them with the next 17 years! Full gallery is HERE!


Kaylina 🙂

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