Let me just tell you guys about how I met these two gems! It all started when I first held cotton mini sessions about 2 years ago! Allie reached out to me wanting pictures of her and her boyfriend, Josh. A couple of days later, JOSH texted me saying he wanted to propose to her whilst taking these “couple” pictures. MY HEART JUMPED. Because as a newbie photographer, I wanted these sweet and big moments for my business and of course HOW DANG SLICK and sly and just romantic that he was planning all this for his woman, Allie.

So fast forward two years later, (by the way those surprise proposal pictures in the cotton field are still some of my absolute FAVORITES til this day!!!!) it’s their one year anniversary and they really wanted to have some more pictures taken and I was absolutely honored, AGAIN, to be able to take these for them. They live in Vicksburg, eat in downtown all the time, and wanted pictures there. I love downtown Vicksburg, there is so much character and cool vibes there, almost like New Orleans, so I was all for it! PLUS, it fit their relationship so freaking well. Just look below at how precious they are. Colorful, playful, and full of love for each other.

What I love most about these two is they have a strong commitment to put God in the center of their marriage and lives and they definitely shines so dang bright. I adore them, their personalities, and their trust in me to capture their relationship.

I am sooooo here for those dang red curls, his witty smile, and her spunk and just allllll the love they have for one another. Cheering these two on in this life ALWAYS. Thanks for being more than my clients, but also my FRIENDS. So muuuucchhhh LOVE.


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