When Ragan reached out to me for booking her wedding she was SURE she wanted me & that right there speaks to my soul. She admired my work and trusted and believed in me. She asked if we could take pictures of her & Travis (with their dog Miller of course) at their grandparent’s old Victorian Cottage home in Vicksburg, Mississippi. UHM HECK YES WE CAN GIRL. I was absolutely so excited because I knew these people were sweet and the location for engagement pictures were going to be absolutely gorgeous! 


When I got to the engagement session (and was in awe of the place), I greeted Ragan first & the first thing she said to me was, “I feel like I already know you!!!”. My heart leaped. I almost didn’t know what to say, because that right there friends, is what I want each client to experience with me. The engagement session was so easy. Not in a bad easy, in a really freaking good kind of easy, Ragan + Travis were absolute gems and were NATURAL. You could tell how much love they had for each other & enjoyed getting to know them more personally and love on their sweet baby, Miller. 


I couldn’t have asked for a better engagement session with these two. They were everything and more and I cannot wait for November. The bond captured through my lens is undeniable. 


Here’s to you, Ragan + Travis!



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